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Attendance & Assessment


STCW 95 Short courses require 100% attendance. In the event that a student misses part of a short course, the missed section must be made up at some other time. This will probably have to wait until after completion of the whole course and will be dependent on the availability of that particular unit. Students are strongly advised not to miss sections of these courses.

AMSA requires 95% attendance for all other units. Failure to attend key elements of a unit or to achieve a minimum of 95% attendance may result in a grade of fail being awarded for that unit. The attendance of all students will be monitored using a roll. The attendance of industry sponsored students will be reported to the sponsoring companies in accordance with company requirements. Failure to maintain satisfactory attendance may result in the loss of company sponsorship.


Each unit has an assessment schedule which will be explained by the lecturer in charge at the beginning of the unit. Students are required to exhibit honest and ethical behaviour in undertaking an assessment. The consequences of a student found cheating range from no marks for the assessment to expulsion from the course.