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BSC. Nautical Science Guide Lines

Pre-sea Training for Deck Cadets DNS Leading to BSc. Nautical Science

Familiarisation and safety studies - 3 Months
Navigation (Deck) OfficerThe first phase provides students with a background to the maritime industry as well as essential safety study components mandated as perquisites for seagoing employment. The degree programme curricula are aligned with STCW 2010, with the Advanced Diplomas aligning with STCW Regulation II/1 and STCW Regulation III/1. The phase must be completed at our campus. The degree programme is affiliated to Australian Maritime College – AMC, a specialist college of University of Tasmania.

Sea service
On-board Training - 24 Months
sea-service Building on the background and safety components of Pre-sea phase, students undertaking sea service Phase, proceed to sea for a period of 24 months as Deck cadet. Whilst undertaking many routine and operational duties at sea, at the discretion of the ship’s officers, cadet will complete on-board study “Training and Guided Study (TAGS) / Distance Learning Programme (D.L.P.) consisting of project work, correspondence material and Record Book. This study is designed to lead cadet through the various aspects of a Deck Watch Keeper (IInd Mate).Training Placements for this phase is generally provided by AMS Ship Management Private Limited.

Post-sea (Deck Watch Keeper)
Advanced Diploma Studies - IInd Mates - 6 Months
seagoing experience On completion of the on-board study phase, cadets enrol in and complete the Advanced Diploma in Nautical Science (IInd Mates), to be conducted at Launceston Campus, of Australian Maritime College, of University of Tasmania, Australia. Study includes consolidation of many practical and safety related components as well as an elective stream in a specific industry sector.

Seagoing Experience
IIIrd / IInd Officer - 12/18 Months
bachelor-of-applied-science During this phase candidates will gain sea services as 3rd / 2nd officer in charge of a navigational watch to satisfy eligibility requirements for the Chief Mates Certificate of Competency.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Nautical Science)
Academic & Practical Studies - 6 Months
masters In the final phase of the Degree students undertake studies appropriate to ship management duties. This includes administration and organization, business and law, ship handling, Ship Master nautical knowledge and command navigation (simulation). The Bachelor Degree aligning with STCW Regulation II/2 and STCW Regulation III/2 and approved by Australian Maritime and Safety Authority – AMSA, Australian Government. On completion of this study, students would complete their academic programme.

Academic Studies - 6 Months
Students will be encouraged to continue their off-the-job studies at this point for further 6 months to complete the academic components of Ship Master Programme.

Seagoing Experience
IInd/Chief Officer - 12 Months
Students will gain sea service as 2nd / Chief Deck Officer in charge of a navigational watch to satisfy eligibility requirements for the Masters Certificate of Competency

Masters Viva - 2 Weeks After the necessary sea service with Chief Mate’s Certificate of Competency, students will undertake Ship Masters orals.

Sail as Master (Captain) of Ship sail-as-master