We are re-opening soon, as per guidelines laid down by the H’ble Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India
Vide Addendum – 1 to DGS order No. 28 of 2020.

Future Prospects

There are plenty of options available ashore for both Navigating & Engineer officers who wish to settle down with their families after a long run at sea. Some of the opportunities are listed below :-

1. Surveyors and Examiners employed by Government of India.

2. Trainers in various Training Institutions both in Government and private sector.

3. Surveyors employed by various Classification Societies.

4. Pilots employed by Major Ports for bringing in and taking out ships.

5. Surveyors employed by various private organizations for settlement of insurance claims,     damage assessment and cargo calculations, etc.

6. Chartering and brokering for fixture of ships to carry cargo as well as for sale and purchase of ships.

7. Technical Superintendent employed by Shipping Companies to oversee the proper operation of their ships.

8. Officers employed by Shipping Companies agencies who look after day to day operations of the company.

Being shore based employment; the wages are not as high as on board the ship. However, there are various promotional avenues and perquisites and terminal ashore benefits which the seafarers would definitely find it attractive enough. Many qualified officers have secured shore employment in foreign countries because these qualifications comply with the highest International Standards prescribed by IMO and these officers can complete favourably with the best in the world.