General Conduct

Students are expected to maintain a standard of dress and conduct in accordance with that expected of a trainee ship's officer.

Closed footwear MUST be worn at Campus always as it is a designated training campus. For practical and workshop practice, you must also take with your overalls and safety boots. Failure to wear appropriate clothing and safety boots will result in you being excluded from practical instruction.
Failure to wear appropriate clothing and safety boots will result in you being excluded from practical instruction.

Punctuality is important on a ship. It is also important and expected at AMS. Students are expected to be punctual for each class. If for any reason you expect to be late, or have to miss class, please advise the lecturer ahead of time. If you miss classes a medical certificate should be provided to your course coordinator. Sponsored students who make a habit of late arrival for classes will be reported to their sponsors. In the event of a lecturer failing to arrive within 10 minutes of the class starting time students should advise the faculty office and or call your course coordinator.

Life on campus
The riding of skateboards/roller-blades/mini-scooters etc. is prohibited on the grounds of AMS. Kicking or throwing of balls in the vicinity of car parks and buildings is prohibited. Please be aware that there are students living in Hostel block. Examination times vary with each course. Please refrain from generating excessive noise levels in residences.

In classrooms please refrain from:

- Placing feet on furniture
- Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited between 0600 hrs. to 2030 hrs.
- Using inappropriate and profane language
- Reading newspapers in class
- Leaving rubbish in class rooms
- Wearing hats or sunglasses

Harassment of other students or assault will not be tolerated at AMS and may result in expulsion from the course. If you feel that you are being harassed, please come and talk to your course coordinator, support officer or a lecturer about this.

Stealing of AMS equipment or vandalising vending machines or other equipment may result in charges being laid in addition to disciplinary action being taken under course rules.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol and any kind of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances are strictly prohibited at AMS Campus and on breach of conduct will result in expulsion/legal action/police complain.