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How to join merchant navy

The GP Ratings is suitable for class X pass outs. The course is of 18 months duration.

As Rating you’ll assist with the operation and maintenance of the deck equipment such as the winches for the mooring ropes and the cargo cranes. You’ll undertake the “fabric maintenance” of the ship ensuring that it not only looks smart but is also protected against the wear and tear effects of the weather. In port you’ll be involved with the cargo operations – loading and unloading the ship. As a Deck rating you are also a part of the mooring operations team.

Registrations & Admissions Open to AMS, Merchant Navy Academy in Delhi/Kolkata/Chennai, widely regarded as top Maritime Training College in India.

About Course

Join Merchant Navy As Ordinary Seaman - OS

Pre-sea training for General Purpose Ratings, GP Ratings

An introductory course for Induction to Shipping Career

Phase #1
Pre-sea Familiarisation and Safety Studies 4 Months

The first phase provides students with a background to the maritime industry as well as essential safety to study components mandated as perquisites for seagoing employment. Studies meeting the requirements of 11/4 of STCW 1995 & section A-11/4 of STCW code with respect to initial safety study. The phase must be completed at AMS Campus.

Phase #2
Watchkeeping Certificate, Seagoing Studies 9/12 Months

Building on the background and safety content of the Pre-sea, students proceed to sea for a period of 12months as General Purpose Ratings. Requirements for certification of ratings as part of Navigational Deck Watchkeeping. Whilst undertaking many routine and support level duties at sea as Deck Ratings, at the discretion of the ship's officers, students will gain sea service as ordinary seaman for a period of 12 months.

After obtaining Navigational Watch keeping student will further proceed for sea going service as Able Bodied seaman for a period of 24 months in order to satisfy eligibility requirements for Deck Watch Keepers -IInd Mates Certificate of Competency (Advanced Diploma in Nautical Science).

Students willing to continue their career as AB can continue their sea service. Students willing to further appear for BSc Nautical Science must pass 10+2 (PCM) from National Open School.

Phase #3
Deck Watch Keeper (Advanced Diploma) Studies - IInd Mates - 6/9 Months

On completion of the onboard study phase, cadets enroll in and complete the Advanced Diploma in Nautical Science (IInd Mates), to be conducted at Launceston Campus, of Australian Maritime College, of the University of Tasmania, Australia. Study includes consolidation of many practical and safety related components as well as an elective stream in a specific industry sector.

Phase #4
Seagoing Experience (IIIrd/IInd Officer) 12/18 Months

During the Phase #4 candidates will gain sea services as 3rd / 2nd officer in charge of a navigational watch in order to satisfy eligibility requirements for the Chief Mates Certificate of Competency.

Phase #5
Bachelors’ (Nautical Science) - Academic & Practical Studies 6 Months

In the final phase of the Degree students undertake studies appropriate to ship management duties .This includes administration and organization, business and law ship handling, Ship Master nautical knowledge and command navigation (simulation). The Bachelor Degree aligning with STCW Regulation II/2 and STCW Regulation III/2 and approved by Australian Maritime and Safety Authority – AMSA, Australian Government. On completion of this study students would complete their academic program and attempt their Chief Mates’ orals.

Masters - Academic Studies 6 Months
Students will be encouraged to continue their off-the-job studies at this point for a further 6 months in order to complete the academic components of the Ship Master Program.

Phase #6
Seagoing Experience (IInd/Chief Officer) 12 Months

Students will gain sea service as 2nd / Chief Deck Officer in charge of a navigational watch in order to satisfy eligibility requirements for the Masters Certificate of Competency. Masters Viva.

Phase #7
Masters Viva 2 Weeks

After the necessary sea service with Chief Mate’s Certificate of Competency, students will undertake Ship Masters orals.

Sail as Master (Captain) of Ship, career in Merchant Navy with Good pay package, opportunity to travel around the world, visiting exotic locations. A career in Merchant Navy is a dream come true. Plus, this course confirms 100 % placement guarantee so the dream is assured.

To join Merchant Navy, and for Counselling on the course and AMS College and various options available for Maritime Studies in India.

Capt. PL Kundra
Master Mariner