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AMS: AMS Nursing Maritime & Hospitality College, having admin office in National Capital, New Delhi & has Sprawling 17 acres campus near Ganpati temple at Badlapur West, Mumbai, financial capital of India. Campus has all Modern Amenities, State of the Art Infrastructure like Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Electricity & Electronics Lab, Hydraulic & Pneumatics Lab, Refrigeration Lab, Seamanship Lab, Computer Lab, Auditorium (under construction), Each class room is equipped with overhead & LCD projectors, DVD players, hostel facility with attached washrooms in each room, Tennis court, cricket/football ground, horse riding etc. AMS holds 100% placement record on-board Foreign Going ships for its pass outs.

Staff Expertise: AMS has some of the finest training staff within the maritime industry, all of them having extensive sea going experience as Masters Mariners / Chief Engineers. Their In-depth industry knowledge provides very rich learning environment, where staff can meld theory with practical examples, students can be confident that they will receive world-class training. AMS believes that it is important to continue to train seafarers to the highest quality to ensure that the Indian seafaring community maintains the high reputation it has earned globally. AMS aims to achieve these objects by becoming the bench mark for maritime education and training in India.
  • We provide job oriented maritime education.
  • We prepare the younger generation for a better future by improving their capabilities to face the World.

Navigation (Deck) Officer – BSc. Nautical Science

Navigation (Deck) OfficerAs a deck officer, you'll be a vital member of the ship's management team and with the prospect of sophisticated and expensive vessels, valuable cargo or passengers in your charge, it's a big responsibility. While on duty (called a 'Watch'), it will be down to you to make decisions on steering and manoeuvring the ship, controlling navigation and communications. Using the latest technological systems, you'll have control at your fingertips. In port, you'll be responsible for cargo handling and ship stability. As a senior navigation (deck) officer, you'll be a leading member of a small team of skilled, professional seafarers. You'll direct and supervise the work of your team – maintaining the ship and its equipment at optimum efficiency.

What qualities will you need?

You'll need to be decisive, calm and able to inspire confidence in others. You'll be a good team member with an interest in technology, mathematical ability and good written and verbal communication skills. Beyond this, confidence, enthusiasm and self-reliance are essential attributes.

Engineer Officer

Engineer OfficerAs an engineer officer, you'll operate and maintain all the mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the ship. You'll be responsible for power generation and distribution systems and for other equipment such as lifts, refrigeration plant and pumping and ventilation systems. Via a bank of high-tech instrumentation, you'll monitor Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Control equipment, and have charge of computer controlled engine management systems. You'll overhaul and maintain equipment throughout the ship, where your engineering Problem-solving skills will be your greatest asset. At sea, if equipment goes wrong you can't just pull in to the nearest garage! It will be up to you to diagnose the fault, get the equipment dismantled, repaired and reassembled and back into operation. As a senior engineer officer, you'll lead a team of professional engineering personnel and supervise their work at sea and in port.

What qualities will you need?

You'll need to be practical, resourceful and have a real interest in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems. Like deck officers, you'll be decisive, calm and able to inspire confidence in others. Good written and verbal communication skills are required. Beyond this you'll need to be prepared to learn about new technology and adapt your skills to its use.

Electro-Technical Officer

Electro-Technical OfficerAs Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) you'll ensure that the wide range of electronic and electrical equipment on-board is maintained and in optimum working order. This role will ensure your problem-solving skills will be utilised on equipment as diverse as the main propulsion motors and communication systems. The complexity and variety on vessels with various electronic equipment will ensure a fresh technical challenge each week. As well as your maintenance skills, this role will require you to monitor all electrical equipment on board to maximise the operational safety and efficiency of the vessel.

What qualities will you need?

You'll need to be practical, resourceful and have an interest in electrical and electronic control and power systems. Good mathematical, written and verbal communication skills are required along with practical trouble shooting and good team working skills.

General Purpose Ratings & Saloon Ratings

Ratings are the support staff on board who work under the guidance of the officers in operating the ship. They are skilled seafarers who work in both the deck and engine departments and form an important part of the team. Other ratings work in the catering department involved in a variety of catering services on-board, including preparing and serving food for the crew or, in passenger ships, for both passengers and crew. Some ships also employ ratings in communications jobs on board.

As a Deck Rating, you'll assist with the operation and maintenance of the deck equipment such as the winches for the mooring ropes and the cargo cranes. You'll undertake the "fabric maintenance" of the ship ensuring that it not only looks smart but is also protected against the wear and tear effects of the weather. In port, you'll be involved with the cargo operations – loading and unloading the ship. As a Deck rating, you are also part of the mooring operations team. Once at sea as a suitably qualified rating you will steer the ship andalso act as look out on the bridge.

As an Engineering rating, you'll work on the day to day monitoring and maintenance of the equipment in the engine room and also anywhere else on the ship, such as the steering gear. You'll be involved in cleaning, lubricating and assisting with stripping, repairing and fitting new or refurbished parts under direction by engineer officers.

As a Catering rating you'll perform a variety of jobs as well as being cook or cook/steward – such as forming part of emergency response teams involved in firefighting, security and passenger controller rescue duties.